natural [nach′ər əl, nach′rəl]
[OFr < L naturalis, by birth, according to nature]
1. of or arising from nature; in accordance with what is found or expected in nature
2. produced or existing in nature; not artificial or manufactured
3. dealing with nature as an object of study [a natural science]
4. in a state provided by nature, without man-made changes; wild; uncultivated
5. of the real or physical world as distinguished from a spiritual, intellectual, or imaginary world
a) present by virtue of nature; innate; not acquired
b) having certain qualities, abilities, etc. innately [a natural comedian]
7. innately felt to be right; based on instinctive moral feeling [natural rights]
8. true to nature; lifelike [a natural likeness]
9. normal or usual; in the ordinary course of events [a natural outcome]
10. customarily expected or accepted [a natural courtesy]
11. free from affectation or artificiality; at ease [a natural smile]
12. without a legal relationship; specif.,
a) illegitimate [a natural child]
b) relating biologically rather than by adoption [natural parents]
13. with little or no processing, artificial ingredients or preservatives [natural food]
14. off-white, light-beige, etc.
15. resulting from age, disease, etc. rather than an accident, violence, etc. [a natural death, death from natural causes]
16. Biol. designating or of a system of classification based on complete structure and characteristics
17. Math.
a) designating or of an integer or any number referred to 1 as the base
b) designating or of an actual number as distinguished from its logarithm [a natural sine, cosine, etc.]
18. Music
a) without flats or sharps, as the key of C major
b) modified in pitch by the sign (♮)
c) neither sharped nor flatted
1. a person without normal intelligence; fool; idiot
2. Informal a person who is or seems to be naturally expert
3. Informal a thing that is, or promises to be, immediately successful
4. Informal a winning roll of 7 or 11 on a first throw in craps
5. Music
a) a sign (♮) used to remove the effect of a preceding sharp or flat within the measure in which it occurs: in full, natural sign
b) the note so changed
c) a white key on a piano

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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